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Saturday, December 20, 2003

Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope you are able to spend it with the people you love!

God Bless!!

Friday, December 19, 2003


Moammar Gadhafi agrees to dismantle all WMDs and allow International inspections into his country. Do you think it has anything to do with him not wanting to be Saddam 2? It is not a coincidence that he agrees to surrender to our demands the week Saddam got arrested.

Any contradictions here???

I was just reviewing the employment secion of a company's website. The following two statements appeared exactly as you see them, in the same order. Read them and tell me if you see any contradictions:

It is our policy to base employment decisions on the principles of equal opportunity. This policy includes:
• Recruiting, employing, training, compensating, and promoting without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran’s status, or disabilities.
• Undertaking, through affirmative efforts, to improve employment opportunities for minorities, women, people with disabilities, and veterans.

So let me get this straight. You recruit, employ, train, promote etc, "without regard to race, gender, veteran's status or disability". BUT, you "improve employment opportunities for minorities, women, people with disabilities and veterans"

So, please tell me, how is improving employment opportunities for people based upon a group they are in the same as employing people without regard to what group they are in?

Am I the only one that sees just how stupid these people are?! I mean they say one thing, then say something completely contradictory in the very next line! And the best part of this is, you will more than likely find this same circumstance on virtually any company's website outlining employment practices.... It doesn't take a Republican to see that these two statements are contradictory. Sad.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Things that are wore out, tired, dead, and generally not cool...

Well, its that time of year. Time to give and receive gifts. So, being the nice guy I am, I am compiling a list of products that are tired, wore out, played out, and just in general, no longer cool. Here we go:

1. North Face - Used to be a great product for ultimate hikers, backpackers, mountain climbers, and other outdoorsy folk. Was of the highest quality and highly respected. Now has become the outerwear du jour of every frat boy and co-ed in North America. Brand was sold to Vanity Fair. Thats right - Vanity Fair, the bra company. Quality tanked. Quickly lost all respect in true outdoorsman circles and exposes any who wear it for what they are - posers.

2. Burberry plaid - You should know this is dead. Every insipid Manhattan debutante has had their stupid plaid scarf and bucket hat since 2001. Now everyone with an extra Ben Franklin lying around is rushing out to buy the only two Burberry items they can afford - scarf or hat. If you are caught with either of these, you are saying "Hi, I don't have any money, but I sure look like I do!" Ditto for the plaid purse. True fashionistas wear Burberry MINUS the plaid.

3. Louis Vuitton - If you have a full price LV anything, you are a moron. Just like Burberry, the good knock offs of LV (NOT the ones at the mall kiosks) have flooded the market and are now of such high quality that no one can even tell the difference. Cost of flawless fake - $50. That's about one-tenth of the real thing. Louis Vuitton purses say you are either major ghetto, or gold digger extraordinare.

4. Banana Republic (mens, anyway) - They are hocking the exact same black pants and blue button-up shirt now that they were in 1995. This store has not changed their look since the FIRST Bush administration. This is the standard clothier of twenty and thirty something men that are single, live alone, and read GQ yet don't take any of the advice they read.

5. Kenneth Cole - Hey Guys. You are wearing the same black Kenneth Cole Shoes with your black pants and blue button-up Banana Republic shirt as every other guy you have worked with since college. You paid a hundred bucks for those plastic Skechers with a different brand name?

6. Trucker Caps - Old. Dead. WAYYYY too played out. Hillary Duff is wearing them. Do you want to be like Hillary Duff? 'Nuff said.

7. Abercrombie - Sorry, but the day you leave college you are absolutely forbidden from shopping at this store ever again. Abercrombie is the look for the guys and girls that are long out of college, but still livin the dream. They can be seen every Thursday night at "da club" gettin drunk and almost getting fired the next day because its the 4th Friday in a row they called in sick (hung over).

8. Your 1993 BMW 3-series - Another tool of the paycheck-to-paycheck crowd that live with three other people and bought the cheapest marquis brand car they could(not) afford so that when the question comes up they can respond, "I drive a BMW." Oooooo... Aaaaaaa...

9. The Goth Thing - Trying to stand out by looking, acting, and dressing like everyone else is pretty lame. Your average Goth kid is the soulchild of the average Hippie kid in the 70s. Upper middle class parents that have their own agendas. Starved for attention. Act as radical as possible to get looks from the people that remind them of their parents. Apparently the disaprovement and humiliation at home isn't enough, now they need it in public too. These are the folks that watch MTV ad nauseum but call everyone they see on that channel "preps" and "conformists". Convinced that Good Charlotte is a real band.

Well, that will do it for today. Let me know what I missed!

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Hurray! More Free Money for Minorities....

President Bush just signed a bill to help low-income minorities with home ownership. Under this program, the Federal government will help them with down payments and closing costs.

I must say, Bush's rampant government spending is upsetting me. I am tired of the big government. And do we REALLY need to give money based on skin color? I mean is a Republican really doing this? This is a $200 million HANDOUT. Taking money from me, giving it to someone else. Its welfare and I cant believe Bush is doing it. This is a $200 million vote buying scheme. Period. Im dissapointed.

And, of course, no mention of this from the NAACP. C'mon! You just got $200 Mil for FREE and you cannot even mention it?! I thought you were for the "Advancement of Colored People" Thats what your name stands for. But of course, you will be six feet under before you recognize anything positive a Republican does for minorities.
Jim McDermott - Democrat Extraordinare.....

I am sooooo glad that good ol' Jim McDermott (D - Washington) knows all of the facts of Saddam's capture from his home in Washington State. Seems that Jimmy knows that it was all a big farse staged by Bush for political gain and Bush knew where Saddam was all along and was just following him waiting for just the right time to pounce! Just like he knew about the 9-11 attacks all along, right?

Wow, for all the time the Democrats spend saying how dumb Bush is, he sure does seem to know a lot!
What can I say, I am an HTML 'tard....

I am glad Schmed finally told me there were errors on my page preventing some people from posting comments or even being able to read the page. I think I have them fixed. If you still get errors email me at whyimright@hotmail.com
Do ya ever wonder....

Why companies call their HR people "HR Business Partners"? AT&T, BEA, and other mega companies use this title. Kinda explains just whose side HR is really on, doesn't it?

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Best thing I have read in a LONG time....

I have to thank John Hawkins over at Right Wing News for coming up with this great questionnaire. Answer any of these questions yes, and you just might be a Democrat...

Are you...

...speaking out against every security measure that President Bush proposes because you claim it will turn America into a "police state" while simultaneously planning to criticize Bush for not doing enough to protect us when we're inevitably hit with another terrorist attack?

...convinced that killing a baby in the womb is OK, while killing a serial killer is wrong?

...terribly disturbed by the idea that Europe might not be happy with us, but fairly indifferent to threat that terrorists present?

...of the opinion that those racist, warmongering, Fascist, Nazi-like, heartless, moronic, evil, Republicans are mean spirited hatemongers?

...horrified when you hear about dolphins being killed in a tuna net, but unperturbed by a woman aborting her own baby?

...wondering if we can "afford" a tax cut while supporting every expensive, new social program proposed in Congress?

...worried that the electronic voting machines might be rigged, but unconcerned about people voting without a picture ID?

...against a draft if it's needed by the military to field a fighting force, but for a draft if it's proposed by anti-war Democrat in an attempt to undercut support for war?

...terrified by the idea of global warming, but only minimally concerned about stopping terrorists who want to release biological weapons in the US?

...opposed to cutting taxes on the middle class and the poor if it means that the rich will get a tax cut as well?

Do you...

...criticize Republicans because you think they judge people by the color of their skin, yet support Affirmative Action?

...think that UN approval was irrelevant when Bill Clinton wanted to go into Kosovo, but that our invasion of Iraq will be "illegitimate" if the UN doesn't approve?

...support going to war for "humanitarian" reasons unless our country will also benefit in some way, in which case you're strongly against it?

...claim that you want a strong economy, yet support almost every regulation & tax increase that comes down the pike?

...enjoy going to anti-war rallies run by Communists who oppose everything our country stands for?

...tend to trust things said by blood thirsty & unbalanced dictators more than you do things said by your own President -- provided that he's a Republican?

...believe that trial lawyers who win outrageous malpractice judgements against doctors and drive up medical costs for the rest of us are really "sticking up for the little guys" who end up paying the bills?

...feel that banning handguns would be a more effective crime fighting tool than severely punishing criminals & "three strikes and you're out" laws?

...think that nations like Iran, Iraq, and North Korea are only minor annoyances and that the United States is actually the greatest threat to world peace?

...point to David Duke, a former Klansman who never won an office above state legislator, as evidence of racism in the Republican party, while believing that having Robert Byrd in the Senate doesn't reflect negatively on the Democratic party?

...admire the "human shields" who went to Baghdad, but think protests in front of abortion clinics should be banned?

...believe that we're rushing to war with Iraq despite the fact that the UN has been trying to convince Saddam to disarm for more than 12 years?

...think Ann Coulter is mean spirited, vicious, & shrill, but Maureen Dowd, Ted Rall, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, John Pilger, Margo Kingston, Tom Daschle, Noam Chomsky, Arianna Huffington, Molly Irvins, Eric Alterman & James Carville (among many others) are nice, sweet-natured, and reasonable?

...tend to be minimally concerned about the victims and potential victims of terrorists, but very concerned about how the terrorists are treated after they're caught?

...feel that the rich must have inherited their money, gotten lucky, or cheated someone to earn their wealth, but that it's society's fault that people are poor?
MBA BS Word of the Day....


Definition: Loosely trained in several different areas of business. From marketing, to sales, to purchasing, to manufacturing, to digging ditches. Someone who is not good at anything, but mediocre at everything. This trait is desired because it means after massive layoffs you can be put to use wherever you are needed. You will spend the morning fielding customer service calls, and the afternoons in the trenches burying fiber optic cable. Since no one has any real particular skill, all employees are just gerbils that can be picked from one spinning wheel and put into another.
Hey Dean, Stick this in your pipe and smoke it!

(Fox News)

Well, it is a great day to be an American, and an Iraqi! And a pretty crappy day to be French, German, Russian, a liberal democrat, Howard Dean....

Ya know, you are in pretty bad shape when the best thing that can happen to your campaign is for Americans to die, and for your own country to LOSE a war - that is what Dean wants. The best thing for him is for as many Americans to die over there as possible. Isn't that a sad position to have to be in?????

How long will it be before we find ties between some of our "allies" and Saddam? How long till we find some WMDs? And who cares about all that, the real question is, how long until this Tyrrant dies at the hands of his own people. Not soon enough...

"If Howard Dean had his way, Saddam Hussen would still be in power today, and not in prison." - Joseph Lieberman, a DEMOCRAT.

It had to be said.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Time to start lookin for a new job...

You know your company is in dire straights when your VP of Corporate Communications says, "Speaking with the media is never a good move from any perspective."

Yea, cuz they may find out what is REALLY going on here! That is the type of comment I would have exptected to hear from Enron back in the day, but instead it comes to us from MONY.

Read the memo here.
Islam is a peaceful religion.

Violence against women, including acid attacks, are common in Pakistan, particularly in rural and deeply conservative tribal regions.

Acid attacks?! Thats right! But the guy that did it is getting his....

Praise Allah!
Ah, the ACLU. Looking out for YOU!

Phoenix public schools are implementing new facial scanning technology to try and stop sex offenders from coming on campus. The Arizona ACLU wants to stop this program. Leave it to the ACLU to have a problem with stopping sex offenders. Here is a quote from the story.

Civil libertarians have raised red flags about the idea, pointing to potential privacy violations, and biometrics experts say facial recognition programs are not foolproof.

"There are huge privacy concerns. I'm also troubled by the fact that the technology is not proven," said Eleanor Eisenberg, executive director of the Arizona Civil Liberties Union.
Judicial Problems...

I am a full-on supporter of the idea that any and all criminal court cases be completely sealed until verdict. NO mention of suspect names. NO mention of evidence. NO mention of anything relating to the case. Do you REALLY think that Scott Peterson or Alfonso Rodriguez have any prayer at a fair trial anywhere at all in this country? There is no way. You may find one or two jurors that live under rocks, but not 12. Everyone has established an opinion on these cases BEFORE they have even gone to trial! You know you have! And the notion that jurors can just brush off their beliefs is absurd. That is like asking a KKK member to sit on the jury of a black criminal and asking him to just ignore his racism for the trial. Do you really think that is going to happen? If I am the judge, I am letting Scott and Alfonso go. Thats right, let them go. Scot free. Go home. Do I think they are guilty? Absolutely. That is my whole point. I think they are guilty and all I know is what I have heard on the news.

Thursday, December 11, 2003


The sewer problems are getting so bad in Atlanta, parts of the city literally have poop running down the street. Fortunately, this is almost entirely to restricted to the parts of town where this is not too abnormal of an occurrence.

On that note. This is the perfect example of what happens in the Southern states where the politicians are especially corrupt. Lemme tell ya, Georgia and Louisiana are on a whole new level of corruption you cannot even comprehend if you are from anywhere else. Atlanta's former mayors were so covered in dirty money they make the Kennedy's look clean.

So after 15 years of taking sewer money and squandering it to further their own corruption, we now have no sewer, no money to fix it, and the Feds are threatening to literally ban all building in the entire city of Atlanta if we don't fix it. Seems the bed wetters which comprise this city's government (it shouldn't surprise you they are all leftist democrats) don't want to blame their own party for decades of idiocy, so they are asking Bush to come bail them out... Good luck.

Well, when it is all said and done, I know what will happen: North Fulton County (predominantly white, predominantly upper middle class) will end up footing the bill while South Fulton County (predominantly minority, predominantly lower class) will get off pretty much scot free. We have seen it with property tax, we have seen it with public transportation, we have seen it with sales tax, and on and on it goes. A few years back North Fulton County wasn't even a part of Fulton County at all. That's right, it was a totally seperate county. Turns out Fulton County was such a money losing slum hole the only chance they had of survival was to gobble up a rich county so the folks that live there can foot the bill for Fulton. So thats exactly what they did. Now 2% of the 7% sales tax we have here pays for MARTA. Thats right on a 7% tax, 2% pays for crappy public transportation that no one uses and that loses $500 million a year. Poop.
The other white meat...

I just saw the new McDonalds ad for the "new" McNugget that is made with all white meat. Sounds great, right? However at the bottom of the screen is the disclaimer "At participating restaurants." So, umm, what do the NON-participating restaurants serve?

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

The Goth crowd...

Don't you just love the conforming non-conformists... A Goth's explanation of how to be a Goth:

"If you want to be part of the non-comformist crowd you just have to dress like us and listen to the same music we do."

Thanks to Dave for pointing out this great quote comes from our friends at Southpark.
Because I think you should know...

Killing seems to be the preferred Clinton method of getting rid of pesky problems. Can you say, Arkansas Flu? And it isn't just Vince Foster, here is the list of Clinton associates who died mysteriously:

Suzanne Coleman - death ruled Suicide.

Danny Casolaro - death ruled Suicide.

C. Victor Raiser III - Died in plane crash, cause never determined.

Paul Tilly - Died of "unknown causes". Autopsy never performed.

Paula Grober - Killed in single vehicle accident with no witnesses.

Vince Foster - death ruled Suicide.

Jon Walker - Fell off of the Lincoln Towers.

Jerry Luther Parks - While driving home from church, a white Chevrolet pulled up behind him and unleashed a hail of gunfire. He was hit 7 time and died on the street.

Ed Willey - single gunshot to head. Death ruled a suicide.

Herschel Friday - Died in small plane crash. Both Friday and C. Victor Raiser III were involved in Clinton campaign finances and both died in private plane crashes.

Kathy Ferguson - Wife of Arkansas state trooper who was Clinton's personal bodyguard. Died of single gunshot to head. Ruled a suicide despite shot coming from left when she is right handed. Autopsy report read she was shot on right side opposite what all six nurses who treated her reported witnessing. And just one month later...

Bill Shelton - found slumped over Kathy's grave. Exactly as the autopsy said Kathy was shot, Bill was shot right behind the right ear.
Stick this in your pipe and smoke it...

Uh oh! Looks like MORE PROOF the economy started to tank in Clinton's presidency, long before Bush even took office. Is the bad economy still Bush's fault? Did he somehow manipulate Bill Clinton and affect the US Economy from Texas?

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Michael "Miserable Failure" Moore

Read why I did this

Monday, December 08, 2003

You can't make this stuff up...

A reader at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania forwards this e-mail, which went out to students and faculty there this week:

Subject: A Favor...

Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 08:55:12

From: Gene

Happy post-Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all had a great break -- I have a favor to ask of you ... In order to be more transgender-inclusive, I would like to prepare a list of all bathrooms in campus buildings that are single stall AND have a lock -- this list would be made available on our Web site so that if an individual on campus is questioning their gender identity they will have a safe place to go to use the facilities. In the future it is my hope that we will be able to successfully lobby to have the signage changed on these bathrooms to say gender-neutral rather than man/woman.

In your normal travels over the next two weeks, please take a look at the public bathrooms -- e-mail me if you find any that meet our qualifications -- as of now, I only have down the two in Pandini's (the Italian Restaurant in the Upper UC Food Court Area).

Thank you in advance for helping me with this project -- If I don't see you between now and the Winter Break -- enjoy your holidays!
Hate Speech sponsored by Public University...

The University of Louisville paid $11,000, part of the $50,000 given to them by Bank One for a "Diversity Lecture Series", to bring Sista Souljah to campus to "place people in uncomfortable situations to help them grow."

Sister Souljah is famous for advocating, after the Los Angeles race riots several years ago, "war" against white people, including a special week set aside each year to kill white people. She says unapologetically that she wants what’s best for "her" people, and that "if my survival means your total destruction, then so be it."

So, do you think the University would invite the KKK to speak about killing blacks to "place people in uncomfortable situations to help them grow"? I doubt it. But of course, as we see time after time, its OK to hate white people. Its time we take a stand against this hypocrisy.

Jesse Jackson supports Dean!

Sadly, that will actually HELP his campaign. But, why wouldnt Jackson support Dean? They are both the champions of giving money to undeserving people based solely on the color of their skin. They are also both the biggest political supporters of robbing from the rich to give to the poor. How is that not racist and discriminatory? Maybe people should actually read the definition of the term discrimination.
At least Russia figured it out...

Well, folks, hate to break it to you, but researchers in Russia are finally proving that Global Warming is a big farse. Sure, all rational and free-thinking folks have known that for some time. We have known that temperatures have warmed and cooled since the beginning of Earth. Liberals however came up with this great farse to push their own anti-capitalst, "lets-shut-down-all-industry-in-the-world" agenda.

So the Kyoto accord is as good as dead. And now the liberals aren't even calling it Global Warming anymore. Now its "Global Climate Change". Yea, way to keep drinkin the kool-aid. Keep driving those hybrid cars and one day you will save the Earth!
Zero Tolerance Idiocy...

This story comes out of Louisiana. It seems a sophomore girl at the Parkway High School in Bossier Parish took one Advil to school in her purse. The Advil was discovered following a search of all students after a report of a student (gasp) smoking. This girl was immediately suspended for a year... thats right, a whole year, because of the school's zero tolerance policy.

The school's superintendent, Ken Kruithof, says the suspension is in-line with his school's Zero Tolerance policy.

And people wonder why our public schools in this country are completely fudged? Why is it that common sense, rational, and actually putting thought into decisions is such a rarity anymore. Its because thats not what the Teachers Unions want. Teachers Unions want to come in, read like trained monkeys from their pre-approved materials, give multiple choice tests, and go home. The goal is to get through the day with as little work and independent thinking as possible.

This is just another example of the absurdity of zero tolerance policies. Poor girl has a headache or cramps and gets kicked out of school. Great.

Some people are poor losers....

Cmon Kerry... we all know Dean is spanking you... but did you really have to use the F-word to describe Bush?!

Dean the Douche-Bag...

Howard Dean just said that "there may be something behind this theory that Bush new about 9-11 before it happened."

OK.. Hey buddy. How about instead of just taking the typical Democratic stance of spewing out rhetoric, you show PROOF. Show me PROOF that Bush somehow new about 9-11. Should be simple, right? You just said the theory may be true. Ok, how is it true?

Of course, its not true. But its just another example of the ultra-left trying to stir up emotions without any facts.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Celebrate Diversity!

Buy this wonderful and more wonderful shirts at Those Shirts.
Black Power!

The Black Panthers have traveled to Cincinnati to show their support for the drugged out, 400 pound, black, crackhead that attacked police officers there and later died. Well, I think we can summarily agree that anything the Black Panthers support is on the wrong side of what is right. Just like Jesse Jackson.
I am starting to have faith in Teenagers again....

Ya know, at 25 years old - I feel OLD. I mean, my teenage years seem like just yesterday, yet the generation gap between me and the teenagers I see flocking around the malls in Atlanta is painfully apparent. When did teenagers become so incessently STUPID and so conformist?! When did 13 yr olds start wearing thongs - and showing them off?! Must be the Ritalin-MTV generation. These kids are drugged into robotic drones that follow each other around and do as they are told. A total generation of sheep. Followers. Two working parents, remote control, TV Dinner, Instant-gratification, zero responsibility society.

And then I read Reality Check. A teenager that quotes Ayn Rand?! A teenager that actually admits that the Grammys are fixed because they only seem to nominate cookie-cutter pop kings and queens that can draw ratings instead of true artists.... Wow was I impressed! If more teens were able to read and undersand Ayn Rand, and think and act for themselves, and become leaders like this girl, I would have more faith in our future.
Me! Me! Me!...

Open topic of discussion..... When did the "Me Generation" start? At what point did so many in this country start playing the victim and expect handouts from the government? When did Americans just come to expect that their every need would just be provided to them?

I am guessing it started about the same time the New Deal (the beginning of welfare) started. What do you think?

Friday, December 05, 2003

The abuse of the word "rape"...

In 90% of all "rape" cases, alcohol is involved, according to a recent study. (ABC news).

Gee, does that make you wonder that maybe girls get drunk, have sex, feel guilty, and then call it rape? Do you think that EVER happens? And don't you think that if 90% of the time the girls are drinking, perhaps the guys are drinking too? And if both parties are drinking, who is raping who? I mean, when no one is saying no, is it really rape??? I think all too often the term rape is a scapegoat for girls who do something they regret. Just watched a story of a 14 yr old girl who went to a party, drank, and had sex for the first time with TWO guys. She denied it was rape for several days until, gasp, people started looking at what she did negatively. Then, all of a sudden, she said it was rape.... And then she took the very unusual step of going to the national media to, in her words "tell girls its ok to get the guys in trouble if they get drunk and they take advantage of them"

Wow. Great message to send to 14 yr old girls! "Hey girls - go get drunk if you want! And if anything happens, just call it rape! I did and it worked for me!"

Obviously if a girl says no, wow its rape. If she is in anyway unconscious, of course its rape. But just because two drunk people have sex that doesn't automatically mean its rape.
A whole new kind of Holiday surprise at Wal-Mart!

This is why I dont go twosies in public restrooms.

"Layoffs are never a happy occassion..."

Gee, ya don't say.

Those Canuks sure are crazy, eh? Noo doot aboot it...

In case you needed more proof Canada is just screwed beyond belief...

Selected Air Canada employees that scored top marks for customer service were given bonuses - $3 hamburger coupons that expire in 5 weeks.

Time to sell that AC stock....

A whole new kind of ghetto stupid...

Sorry. McDonald's cheesburgers dont come with mayo. Please dont kill me. You have to read it to believe it!

"Hey mom, look at me! Im supa fat and ghetto fabulous!"

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Why the Grammy's are a joke....

Have you seen the list of Grammy nominees this year? 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, etc.... Basically the list is full of top selling CDs. These albums are not particularly artistic in any way shape or form. The Grammy Nominations now seem to be based solely on popularity, which is ok, but then label the show as an Entertainment show and not an Awards show. I mean 50 Cent?!?! Give me a break! These nominees are to draw viewers from TVs key demographic - tweens, teens and twenty-somethings. The awards are for tv ratings. Period.
How desperate the left is to criticize Bush... Well, looks like they found something!

I borrowed this from boortz.com..

You must know that as soon as the word got out that George Bush had visited the troops in Iraq on Thanksgiving day, the left started looking at every nuance of that event in hopes of finding something to criticize: Some lie, some fraud, some breach of protocol or decency. Well, it looks like they found it. Do you remember that tray with the turkey that Bush picked up and held during that thanksgiving dinner? The Washington Post has now, after what surely must have been an intensive investigation discovered that that particular turkey was a decoration, not a turkey destined for consumption. We're told that a contractor roasted that turkey and adorned it with grapes and greenery as a decoration for the banquet table. The Post is now telling us that picking up a turkey that was not actually meant to be eaten has "opened new credibility questions for (the) White House. White House officials are now having to explain that Bush didn't actually know that this particular turkey was a decoration."

How desperate can you get? Bush picks up an ornamental turkey and the Washington Post seizes on this as an example of White House credibility problems?

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Read this!

Did Vince Foster really kill himself?
And the Parents of the Year award goes to....

These two.. They even look guilty.

And what do they have to their credit? Let's see... tying up their 11yr old daughter, beating her with an umbrella, starving her, forcing her to crap her pants, and leaving her beaten and starved until she died!! Congratulations!!! And your reward? Year after year of forcable prison rapes and gang beatings! I hope you enjoy it!

No, there isn't a liberal bias in the media...

It is my job to give you FACTS. Liberals dont like FACTS. They like EMOTION. Here are some FACTS:

GDP increase highest in 20 years last quarter
Worker Productivity highest in 20 years - just reported today.

This worker productivity information is BIG economic news. Funny, because I have been on cnn.com all day today and I have yet to see it reported. Why wouldn't they report positive economic news? They did a great job (and still do) of reporting any negative economic data at all, no matter how small. So why not the good news?

Perhaps because they don't like Bush? Can you start to see the bias now? Report bad, dont report good... That is the definition of bias. If you don't see it you are dumb.

Haaa...lleeeee...luuuuu....jah..... Hallelujah!!!! Hallelujah!!!!

Another would-be robber permanently removed from the gene pool! This just made my whole day! I bet the father and his 11 yr. old daughter sure are glad that Georgia is one of the states where you are allowed to defend yourselves against armed robbers lurking in parks. When will Ohio and the other states wake up?

Would-be robber slain by intended victim

Monday, December 01, 2003

Who are these people?

Have you seen these Lexus commercials? Let me visualize it for you. Good looking man or woman playing with a kid. During this play time good looking man or woman finds Lexus key. Next shot is family standing outside looking at new Lexus in the driveway with a bow on it.

Who are these people that are getting new Lexus' for Christmas? And why do I have to watch them on TV over and over? Man, now whatever I get is just going to seem lame.
Today is Global AIDS Day.

Do we have a Global Cancer Day? Or Global Heart Disease Day? If we do I have never heard about it. I have looked and looked and looked for a statistic that compares the AIDS infection rate of sexual activity and drug use, to those who get it as no fault of their own. If I had to guess, and believe me this is just a guess, the vast majority of people are getting infected from the former. Basically I am trying to decide just how much I care. I mean, if only those people out banging anything that walks and then shooting up afterwards are getting infected, then gee, Survival of the Fittest man. Do you believe in Evolution? If so then AIDS is the greatest thing to happen to Evolution since the Big Bang. So, do you support Evolution or Human Rights? And if we cure AIDS we know there will be much much more unprotected sex, which would lead to more abortions. So do we want to save sexually promiscuous people so that they can kill their unborn babies? Sure a cure for AIDS looks great on the surface, but what is the result? More shared needles? More drug use? More unprotected sex? (Which would certainly result in more unwanted pregnancies). Consequences are a necessity for responsibility. There are tough questions you need to consider before just blankly supporting a cure for AIDS.
What is the most hated and stereotyped group?

Rich, white men.
Are Salespeople the dumbest people on earth, or just dumbest looking?

Open question. I think the answer is, yes. They look successful because the good ones make tons of money, but I mean if you push someone hard enough they will eventually give you money. I love the Computer Associates Commercial, "So, how much software do you wanna buy?" So true. And is it just me or can you pick the sales guy out in any crowd? They all appear to come out of the same cookie cutter, don't they? Same gangster-black suit. Same white shirt. Same stupid tie. Same 1980 short hair cut with that quasi-brushed back, quasi-spiked look. They only have two looks, the one I just mentioned, or the "Casual look" which consists of the freebie golf shirts they get at work with the logo on the breast, with the old Calvin Klein tapered leg jeans, no socks, and shiny black dress shoes. Sport Coat optional. And no matter whether it's dress up or dress down time, the big gold bracelet, ring (college or pinky), and gold watch is a must!
Update on big fatso death...

Turns out autopsy shows enlarged heart (gee, big surprise) and drugs (big surprise, part two) in the system of the black man that attacked police and then was arrested with force who later died. Have you seen the video? I have. The cops were very careful not to strike the man on the head and followed all procedures of using force when someone double your size is taking swings at you and just won't sit his butt down like he is told. It is just sad that black civil rights groups are blaming the police department for the death of a morbidly obese, violent, drug using black man that attacks police officers.
Oh here we go again...

Some big 400 pound fatso black guy in Cincinnati lunges at a cop and punches him, continues to put up a fight, and is wrestled and beaten to the ground. So big fatso black guy dies, probably in no small part caused by his morbid obesity and whattaya know, immediately black civil rights leaders claim police racism blah blah blah... I tell ya, any black guy can beat, hit, do whatever he wants to cops, and god forbid they fight back, its racism! I guess they should just sit there and let the dude beat them. Ya know, these black civil rights leaders are not helping stop racism, they are further dividing the country.

I guess we can once again expect the black community in Cincinnati to start rioting soon. I hope not.
Middle of the Night Simpsons Quotes

"If you really want something in this life, you have to work for it - Now quiet, they're about to announce the lottery numbers!" Homer Simpson

"Yeah Moe, that team sure did suck last night. They just plain sucked! I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked!" Homer Simpson

"There's no such thing as a soul. It's just something they made up to scare kids, like the boogeyman or Michael Jackson." Bart Simpson

"I am so smart, I am so smart, s-m-r-t....I mean s-m-A-r-t." Homer Simpson

Marge: So, Mr. Hutz, does my husband have a case?
Lionel Hutz: I'm sorry, Mrs. Simpson, but you can't copyright a drink.
Homer: [whines] Oh!
Lionel Hutz: This all goes back to the Frank Wallbanger case of '78. How about that! I looked something up! These books behind me don't just make the office look good, they're filled with useful legal tidbits just like that!
What is this world coming to?

A "sniper" shotting cars on a highway in OHIO? D.C. or Los Angeles is more of the setting I'd expect a sniper to be. Not Columbus. Who is this person? Some pissed off Michigan fan? Seriously though, I know Ohio isn't a perfect state - but this is horrible! Makes me realize what a sick world we live in. Read about it here.
"I dressed myself!"

Dude I think I broke the counter on my blog. I guess thats what I get for using some free POS service. Ah well. I tried to think of something intelligent and insightful to blog today, but let's face reality, I am just recovering from the holidays, and I have a nasty bout of that New Zealand flu thing that is going around. Once I finish off the stock of Nyquil and sober up, I promise to post something that is actually interesting. Until then, more pictures of Simpson's characters! Any requests?

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